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Panther City & Fort Worth Related Merchandise

The legend of the sleeping panther of Fort Worth book
Panthercity Pin

How did the rowdy Western frontier town of Fort Worth become Panther City?

The legend, eyewitness accounts, and the available facts behind the Sleeping Panther are recounted by noted Fort Worth historian and raconteur, the late

C. M. 'Dink' Starns.

With illustrations by Deran Wright.

The late great Dink Starns was a charismatic figure who arose from the muck of the Fort Worth Stockyards to become a sophisticated world traveler, a self-professed raconteur, and backroom advisor to the powerful. Once, when described as 'legendary', one wag commented, "He ain't legendary... he's mythological!" A polymath of many interests, he claimed to have 213 hobbies, one of which was Fort Worth History.

Panthercity T-shirt
Panther City Sticker
Panther City Totebag
PantherCity Belt Buckle
Sleeping Panther Sculpture
The Panther City Belt Buckle
Cast in solid bronze
Measures 2-3/4" x 2-1/8"
The Fort Worth Sleeping Panther desk sculpture
3D Printed in bronze resin infused gypsum
7-3/4" x 4"
Also available as a pen holder

The 1890 Fort Worth Spring Palace
The biggest thing to hit Fort Worth in the 1890's. It opened to widespread acclaim and attracted visitors from all over! Constructed entirely from all natural products from the state of Texas. Tragically, when it caught fire filled with visitors, it burned to the ground in just 11 minutes!
One heroic person, Al Hayne, was killed after repeatedly returning to rescue others.

1890 Fort Worth Spring PalaceT-shirt
An invitation to the 1890 Fort Worth Spring Palace, on T-Shirts, mugs, totebags, & more!
Don't miss it!
Sleeping Panther Sculpture
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