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The Panthers of Fort Worth - 'Panther City'

Fort Worth Sleeping Panther by Deran Wright

The Fort Worth Sleeping Panther - an 8' bronze sculpture by Deran Wright

Panther sculpture on the Flatiron bldg.
The Flatiron Building, circa 1907, has perhaps the earliest examples of "Panther Architecture" in the city.
Fort Worth Police Panther badge
Fort Worth Police Department badge
panthercity Vinyl logo
Panther City Feral Cat Coalition
Panther on an I-Beam
Girls Rock Panther logo
Sleeping Panther Fountain
The Sleeping Panther Fountain, sometimes referred to as "Ort", located in Hyde Park


Panther Island Logo
Fort Worth Cats logo

The legendary baseball team 'The Fort Worth Cats' featured a black panther in their logo

PantherCity Hat co logo
Sleeping Panther Intermodal Center

Two panthers flank the tower on the  Intermodal Transportation Center

Panther City Rugby logo
Crossfit Panther City logo
panther city car club logo
Classic Panther City Roof Systems logo
Paschal Panther yearbook
Panther City BBQ logo
Panther looming over Fort Worth
Panther City Media logo
Psychedelic Panther Logo
Panther City Film logo
Panther City Properties logo
Pantherville Urban Farm
Will Rogers Auditorium Panther
Panther City Roofing logo
Panther City Bicycles logo

The late 'Panther City Bicycles'

PantherCity Hotrods logo
The Party in Fort Worth 2005

Some of these places are sadly no longer with us, but all of them have paid homage to Fort Worth's Sleeping Panther.

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